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Beads and Things Ads for Parkersburg ready for download.

Use the following links to download the ads.
Date Description PDF version of file (size) ZIP version of same file (size)
10/26/04 Parkersburg 1column by 4inches Inspiration 600dpi Pburg1by3Inspiration.tif (2.52 MB) (416 KB)
10/26/04 Parkersburg 1column by 4inches Square 600dpi Pburg1by3Square.tif (2.52 MB)
(500 KB)

12/08/06 Parkersburg 1column by 4inches Xmas 600dpi Pburg1by3Xmas.tif (2.52 MB)
(720 KB)

11/10/09 Under the Ivy 2 by 3.6 color PburgIvy2X3.6color.tif
(10.4 MB)
(3.85 MB)
3/21/11 Grafitti 2.271 by 4.833 color BTgraffitinolayers.pdf
(11.9 MB)
(11.9 MB)

The Zip files are considerably quicker to download. If you have Zip file decompressor like WinZip(PC) or StuffIt Expander(Mac), I'd strongly suggest that you download the Zip versions.

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