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Wire Wrapping 2

Wrapping a stone with wire.
1) Select a stone to be wrapped. We used the same piece of Malachite.

2) Cut two pieces of wire. Our pieces were 12 inches each of 22 gauge wire. Use more if your rock is larger.

3) Place an awl or other object between the wires at thier centers and twist at both sides. The size of the object needs to relate to the stone. Place the bottom of your stone in the loop, forming the wire around the stone.

4) Continue the twists up the sides of the stone to a securing point. Place an awl or other object between the wires and twist, do this to each side to create the new securing points. Form them to the stone, then continue the twist to the next securing point.

5) Bring one wire from the right side around the front of the stone to the left side, and one from the left around the back to the right side. Twist to secure.

6) Take the two wires on one side and create a loop with your round needle nose pliers. Leave a space below the loop for wrapping. Repeat on the opposite side.

7) Wrap the ends around the base of the wire where you left space. Fill up the space, then leave one wire at the front and one at the back of the stone. Do this to both sides. Trim all wires to about 2 inches long.

8) Coil the 2 inch ends and form to the stone.

9) The finished front and back.


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