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Knotted Hemp Twine
Necklace or Bracelet

Step 2:
Image 2
Step 1:
Determine the length of the piece to be made. Cut a piece for the inner strands twice that length plus 12 inches. (Length x 2 + 12 = Inner Strands.) Cut one piece for the outer strands 5 times the length of the inner strands.
(Inner Strands x 5 = Outer Strands). You now have 2 strands. Though not essential, applying bee's wax to the twine can cut down on fraying, improve its water resistance and generally make it easier to work.

Step 2:
Make a loop at the center of the strands. Center the shorter strand on the longer one and fold in half. You can do this by folding each in half and putting the centers together. Tie the two folded ends together with an overhand knot to make a loop about an inch long. Keep the longer strands towards the outside with the shorter strands between them on the inside. The longer outer strands are the "working" strands that are used to tie the knots around the shorter inner strands.

Step 5: A)

Image 5A
Step 3:
Tape the loop down to hold the piece to a work surface while working.

Step 4:
Design the piece. Line the beads up in the desired order on a tray or towel. A ruler can come in handy to figure out how much space to leave between beads where knots will be tied, and to keep an eye on your progress while knotting.

Step 5:
Proceed with the square knot, a basic macramé knot, around the two center strands.

A) Using the outer left strand form a '4' over the inner strands.

Step 5: B)

Image 5B

B) Take the right outer strand over the end of the '4', then under the inner strands and up through the center of the '4'.

Step 5: C)

Image 5C

C) Pull the outer strands apart to tighten the knot.

If you keep repeating the knot starting with the left outer strand then a twisted pattern will form. To get a flat untwisted pattern alternate by starting with the left and making the '4' for the first knot, then starting with the right outer strand making a backwards '4', etc.

Step 6: D)

Image 6D
Step 6:
Add beads to by stringing them onto the inner strands.

D) Proceed with the square knot, tying the knot around the bead or beads. For another look try adding the beads to the outer strands. Continue knotting and adding beads using the ruler as a guide until you are about 1 inch less than the desired total length.

Step 7:

Image 7
Step 7:
Form a clasp knot at the end. Make a large overhand knot at the end with all four strands that will fit snuggly into the loop that you made on the other end. You may have to make a few knots on top of each other to build it up to the right size. Trim off excess hemp twine.

Or add a bead clasp. An alternative is to add a bead at the end for the clasp. Do this by making one overhand knot with all four strands. Place a bead on the inner strands and secure with another overhand knot made with the inner strands. Trim off excess hemp twine.

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