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Fold-Over Crimps

Fold-Over Crimps for Leather and Cord
1) Design your piece.

2) Choose Cord diameter and length. Make sure that all of your beads will fit on your cord. You will need to add 1/2-1 inch (depending on thickness of cord) for each knot that you wish to make, and if you are using a donut shaped stone add 4Xradius to your length.

Measure and cut cord.

3) String. Place your beads on the cord. Center and add knots as desired. If you are using a donut shaped stone start by folding your cord in half. Place the two ends through the hole in the stone pulling them through till you have a loop forming at the other end. String your ends through the loop and tighten.(A)

4) Check your length.
Trim to the desired length if needed. Crimp by placing your cord end in the crimp with the hole pointing away from the beads. (B) Use grooved pliers to fold one arm over the other by placing your tool on opposite diagonal corners of the crimp to start the arm bending in. (C) Then flaten straight down. (D) Repeat on the other end of your cord. (E)

5) Attach Clasp with jump rings or split rings to the holes in the crimps.

6) : Other Ideas: Use fold-over crimps with flexwire to attach small hole beads to leather or other cords.


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