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Head Pins - Audrey's Method


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Design earrings.
String beads onto a headpin to complete your design.

Image C

Bend the headpin at a right angle directly above the beads. Make sure that the beads are all the way down resting on the head of the pin.

Image D

Trim the pin so that about 3/8 of an inch is left on the pin.
That is about a finger width.
Hold the pin and beads between your index finger and thumb to use your finger to measure where to cut.

Image EImage F

Using round needle nose pliers, grip the tip of the headpin and roll your wrist back towards the beads to make a loop.

Image GImage H

Using flat chain nose pliers twist the loop open to attach the earwire or post. Twisting keeps your circular shape. Attach the earwire or post, and twist to close the loop.

This meathod can be used to turn beads into pendants.

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