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Bead Tips

Image 1

Design piece, measure and cut thread (Length X 2 +12"). Stretch thread. Thread needle. (1) Taking the ends together tie 2-3 knots near the ends of thread. Trim the end to about 1/8". Burn the end of the thread, being careful not to burn the knot.

Image 2

(2) Thread a bead tip, type A or B, hook pointing out, away from beads.String all beads to complete your design.

Image 3

Thread final bead tip, hook pointing out from beads. (3) Use a needle to guide a knot snug against the bead tip. Tighten it up by pulling the two threads apart leaving no slack between beads. Tie enough knots making sure it is large enough not to pass through the bead tip. Check it by pulling on the bead tip.

Image 4

Trim and burn, as above.
(4&5) Close bead tip to hide knot, if type A.

Image 5
Image 6

Attach the clasp set to each bead tip hook, and close making a loop.

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