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Adjustable Knots


Adjustable Necklace


A simple adjustable necklace
Using leather or cord 1 millimeter thick or heavier.


Knot Drawing

Step 1: Cut leather or cord. Cut the cord long enough to fit comfortably over a persons head and add 8 inches. This usually comes to 28-36 inches.

Step 2: Design necklace. Line up the beads in the desired order on a tray or towel or string the beads directly on the cord. A temporary knot on one end will help keep the beads from falling off the cord. Make sure that your beads' holes are large enough for your cord.

Step 3: Center beads. Once the design is completed and the beads are strung on the cord, a simple overhand knot on each end of the group of beads will keep them together and centered on the cord.

Step 4: Tie the adjustable knots. These are essentially slip knots tied so that when the knots are pulled apart the necklace shortens. When the sides are pulled apart the knots move together and the necklace lengthens.


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