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Beadwork Classes

Beads & Things is happy to offer classes organized, run, and instructed by members of our staff. Beads & Things is supplying the location and bead kits. You let us know what you want to learn and we will set you up with an instructor that make a class for you. The classes below will give you an idea of what you can learn and an estimate of what a class will cost.. Cost per student will depend on how many students you have in your group what they are learning, and what materials are needed.

Classes are open to adults and High School students. Individual classes can be arranged for younger students, or a younger students may attend a class with an adult. (For each adult taking a class one younger student may also take the class.)

There will be a minimum and maximum amount of students per class per instructor. The day before the class an e-mail or phone call will be placed to let you know that the class will be as scheduled, or if another time/date will need to be arranged.

Intro to Beadwork 1, earrings Intro to Beadwork 2, bracelet Intro to Beadwork 3, necklace  

Wire Linking 1

Wire Linking 2 Wire Linking 3  
Wire Wrapping 1 Wire Wrapping 2 Wire Wrapping 3 Wire Wrapping 4
Wire Beaded Flowers 1 Wire Beaded Flowers 2 Wire Beaded Flowers 3  
EZ Beaded Beads 1 Beaded Beads 2 Beaded Beads 3  
Ladder Stitch Netting Spiral Double Spiral
Peyote Stitch, tubular Peyote Stitch, flat    
Fringe Earrings Tassels Multi-Strand with Cones  
Call us to set up a class. 740-592-6453



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