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Intro to Beadwork 1, earrings - $20+materials Earrings

In this 1 hour class you will learn the basics of materials and tools. We will go over each tool and its uses including some tricks of the trade.  You will learn how to make basic earrings with headpins, and leave class with 3 pairs of earrings.

Location:  8 North Shafer Street, Athens   Time: See the Beadwork Class Calendar..
Instructor:  Audrey Yane , Mary Anne Erwin

Sign up at least three days before the class. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required at time of sign-up.The day before the class an e-mail or phone call will be placed to let you know that the class will be as scheduled, or if another time/date will need to be arranged when more people have signed up.


3 pairs of ear wires
10 headpins
Beads for 3 pairs of earrings, about 8 inches in beads.
(Remember to bring at least 2 of each bead if you want your earrings to match its mate.)

Bring your own or get a kit. The Beads & Things staff can help you pick out your materials.
Please bring your materials with you to the class. There will not be time to purchase them during class.


Round needle nose pliers
Flat chain nose pliers
Wire cutters
We will have tools here for your use or you may bring your own.


You can purchase a kit with your class. We pick out the beads for you and will bring them to
the class for you. All you have to do is show up for class!

Earring kit A:
Base metal pins,
 surgical steel ear wires,
 assorted beads.

Earring kit B:
Base metal pins,
 sterling silver ear wires,
 assorted beads.
Sterling ear wires if you have nickel allergies.
Earring kit C:
Base metal pins,
 niobium ear wires,
 assorted beads.
Niobium ear wires if you have any metal allergies.

*Kit prices are subject to change.

Intro to Beadwork 1, earrings Intro to Beadwork 2, bracelet Intro to Beadwork 3, necklace  

Wire Linking 1

Wire Linking 2 Wire Linking 3  
Wire Wrapping 1 Wire Wrapping 2 Wire Wrapping 3 Wire Wrapping 4
Wire Beaded Flowers 1 Wire Beaded Flowers 2 Wire Beaded Flowers 3  
EZ Beaded Beads 1 Beaded Beads 2 Beaded Beads 3  
Ladder Stitch Netting Spiral Double Spiral
Peyote Stitch, tubular Peyote Stitch, flat    
Fringe Earrings Tassels Multi-Strand with Cones  

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