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Jo E. (Joey) Merkle - Owner


Phil Berry - Owner


Audrey - Manager (1995-)

"Beads & Things makes me feel at home. Growing up in Singapore and visiting several countries around the world, I can find beads and things from many of those cultures here. It reminds me of visits to huge oriental carpet stores where the walls are covered and the floors are piled with carpets. The multitude of color and pattern... Wow!"

Some customers say "beading is an addiction" that relaxes and soothes the soul.


Robin - Staff (2002-)
Robin is now working for for us part-part time. Her full time job is as Manager at Nelsonville Pottery.


Kim- Staff (2005-)
Kim makes her own lampwork beads. You can buy some here at Beads & Things. Her work can be found at Element 47, and Nelsonville Pottery in Nelsonville and on the square during Final Fridays.


Nick- Staff (2006-)
Nick Rocks- he loves rocks!


Staff not on the Schedule

Thanks to Deb & Mary Ann for helping out - Staff (2005-)


Helen- Staff (2003-)


Sarah- Staff (1990 -2001, 2003-2006)
Sarah is taking a break from B&T to work on her jewelry buisness, Tranquility Traders and Zinzermatic, Appalachain Postcards. Find her beautiful jewelry at Element 47 on the Square in Nelsonville. Sarah also teaches PMC (Presious Metal Clay) classes from her home, and at Nelsonville Pottery. You can reech her on her Zinzermatic & Tranquility Traders line at: 1-800-304-7321.
- You go girl!

Tara- Staff (2005-2006)
Tara was offered a deal she could not refuse. Luckily she is still in Athens!

Chrystie - Staff, Assistant Manager (2002-2005)

"I can still remember what spurred my interest in beading. My elementary school class was studying a unit on Native Americans, and we each had to do a project on one aspect of the Native American culture. I chose beadwork. Ever since that time I have been hooked. It was not until I was a junior that a bead store finally opened near my house in Cincinnati. All throughout junior high and high school I spent all of my allowance, baby-sitting money, and later waitressing money on beads and jewelry supplies. When Halloween time would come around, I would carefully choose my costumes so that my parents would help fund my beading addiction.

I am currently a senior at OU studying retail merchandising, and plan to enter the field of apparel and accessory design once I graduate. To me, dressing and adorning our bodies can be a wonderful creative outlet. The possibilities are limitless. I love each and every bead for its unique beauty. My mother is my biggest fan of my jewelry designs. She does not go a day without wearing at least one piece of jewelry that I have made for her.

Beads & Things is definitely my favorite of all of the bead stores that I have visited. There are beads to satisfy all tastes and styles, and the environment is friendly and laid-back. Another really nice feature is that instead of having customers pay to take beading classes, we offer free help and instruction, and have beading tools readily available. I can honestly say that there is no where in Athens that I would rather work." - 2003


Rachel - Staff, Assistant Manager (1999-2005)
"I enjoy working at Beads & Things because I love working with colors, textures, and people."

Rachel graduated from OU and moved to Alaska where she works on a glacier.


Des- Staff (1996-2002)
"I fell in love with beading when I was in high school, and Beads & Things became my second home. It's my favorite place to be and I find myself always here even when I am not working. The warm environment in the store is infectious, which is why it is many people's favorite bead shop. I know our store is like no other....which is why no matter where I end up, I will always come back here."

Des moved to Detroit, then transfered to Columbus to follow her financial career; you rock girl!

Mackenzie - Staff (2002-2003)
Graduated and starting her new life. Good luck Mack!

Jill - Staff

Jill - Staff (2002); Massage Therapist in Athens area.

Amy - Staff; Now teaching in New York.

Brooke - Staff ; Manager in the D.C. area.

Quinn - Staff (1995 -2002); Saving the World out West.

Timna - Staff; Raising her wonderful family in Columbus.

Terri - Staff; Moved to California.

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